DA landslide-win with increased majority in nelson Mandela Bay Metro By-election

Bobby Stevenson MPL

Constituency Leader

The DA scored a resounding win in the by-election held in Ward 5 of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro yesterday.

The DA romped home to a stunning victory in yesterday’s by-election in Ward 5 of the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro Municipality.

The DA candidate, Morné Steyn, polled 2 302 votes which is 94,5% of the vote, up from 85% in 2011. The ANC polled 108 votes, dropping from 12% in 2011 to 4,5%.  The UDM received a meagre 24 votes.  There were 18 spoiled papers.

The electorate has given the DA a massive show of confidence ahead of the 2014 elections and WITH THIS CONTINUED SWING we will take the Metro in 2016.

This stunning victory highlights the irony of the ANC candidate’s campaign slogan (Bring hope back to our city). The residents have resoundingly identified the party that represents hope, opportunity and change as the DA.

Note to reporters:  Bobby Stevenson can be contacted as per the number below and Morné Steyn can be contacted on 083 2988 182.