DA submission on e-toll tariffs: Scrap hated project now

Dr Neil Campbell MPL

Spokesperson on Roads and Transport

The DA Gauteng Provincial Caucus has reiterated the DA’s position that e-tolls  be scrapped in our submission to government on the recently gazetted e-tolling tariffs.  A copy of the five-page submission is available here.

The cost of e-tolling for Gauteng commuters and business represents an unnecessary and unfair customs barrier restricting the free flow of people, goods and services across the province.

The e-tolling project and associated costs on commuters and businesses has a severely negative financial and economic impact on Gauteng households and motorists in the absence of viable alternative routes or modes of public transport.

Tolling the main route between Johannesburg and Tshwane effectively introduces customs duties on all goods passing between the economic hub of the continent and the nation’s capital.

The system, as government intends to implement it, will have a huge detrimental impact on the Gauteng economy, which currently makes up 35% of the South African economy accounting for 68% of all exports from and 61.5% of all imports to the country.

The DA insists that the project has been marred by improper consultation, flawed justifications and is accompanied by unjustifiable costs and significant administrative implications and burdens.

The only way forward is for government to instruct SANRAL to scrap the e-toll contract.

The DA urges Gauteng residents, businesses and organisations to send their views and inputs to tariff@dot.gov.za by 9 November.

The public of Gauteng has spoken and government must listen: cancel this controversial project!