DA welcomes dismissal of safety and security HOD

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

The DA welcomes the sacking of the Head Of Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison, Mr Thulani Sibuyi, following his arrest for drunk driving last week.

While we believe that government should have acted sooner, we are pleased that action has finally been taken against this high ranking official who was also charged with tender fraud earlier this year, and has a previous drunk driving conviction.

Although the DA respects that Mr Sibuyi is innocent until proven guilty we also believe that government can’t afford to retain suspected criminals on its personnel. Government officials must set a good example, and being charged with a crime undermines this responsibility.

We hope that this decision sets a precedent for similar incidents in the future and that Mr Sibuyi doesn’t get redeployed to another senior government post, or the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature, which seems to be the trend for sacked HODs.