Economic Development Department again fails Gauteng youth on jobs

Les Labuschagne MPL

Spokesperson on Economic Development

The Gauteng Economic Development Department again failed the youth of the province in terms of its youth job creation targets.

The planned target to create 2 484 permanent jobs via departmental  programmes resulted in only 16 jobs or 0.63% while the programme target of 1 516 temporary jobs delivered 44 or 2.95%. In other words 60 jobs  out of 4 000 is a monumental failure.

According to the Departments Annual report 2012/13 a very unfortunate and different picture is painted. While the Administration and Integrated Development Services realised just over 50% of their targets in general the targets for the unemployed youth differ radically.

Moreover the planned Youth Unemployment programme of creating 6 township hubs dissolved into one, namely Winterveldt which by September this year was not functional. Despite these failures the Department still managed to spend 99.95 of its budget!

The department is the provincial government’s primary driver of job creation and economic development and it has consistently failed the youth since the 2010/11 financial year.

The youth of Gauteng are left in the lurch by the provincial government despite Economic Development MEC Eric Xayiya’s acknowledging the crisis in youth unemployment and despite the vision of “sustainable job creation and creating decent work”.

While the MEC correctly mentions that Gauteng contributes 34.5% to South Africa’s GDP and that this is “linked to the Provinces good record of service delivery and creating jobs on a massive scale” the official statistics for Gauteng reflect unemployment at 30%.

Youth unemployment is a crisis and requires more than just lip service. The DA Gauteng plan for jobs and growth provide a very good starting point for the MEC. The document (which can be found here) outlines the DA’s plan to eradicate the barriers to job creation and economic growth and development in Gauteng.