Fraudster contractors delay school’s completion by two years

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The Limpopo Education department has missed its own deadline for completing Matsimela High school in Ga Makgoba Village outside Lebowakgomo by two years. The money has been allocated and paid to a contractor, but this contractor has now vanished.

The school was supposed to be finished in 2011, but it is still incomplete.

Limpopo’s Education MEC, Ms Dikeledi Magadzi, must launch a forensic investigation to determine where the money went and how the  contract was awarded to this contractor.

The school is still without administrative furniture (click here), paving (click), palisade fencing, storm water control, windows , administrative toilets and ceilings (click).

Roofing in other classrooms is being eaten by ants (click) and could collapse on the learners at any moment.

The contractor vanished with more than R3 million for the following:

•             R96 000 was allocated for toilets

•             R500 000 for installation of electricity by specialists

•             R2 million for the demolition of a dilapidated structure, termite control, paving, rainwater harvesting and fencing

•             R50 000 for security measures to the computer room

•             R30 000 for nutrition centre equipment

It is completely unacceptable that our children are now forced  to use a half-completed building because of one individual’s greed and corruption. We need to determine exactly what happened with the money, and what steps are being taken against this contractor. We also need to determine how this contractor won the contract to build the school in the first place.

It is clear that the Education Department also failed to do proper monitoring on this project, and that the accountability and management mechanisms needed to complete these kinds of projects are not in place.

The DA calls on the MEC Magadzi to investigate the matter and hold the contactors accountable.

The money must be recovered if possible, and  the relevant companies must be blacklisted. Limpopo can’t afford to deal with crooks.