Gauteng Premier clueless on title deeds

Janet Semple MPL

Spokesperson on Housing

Gauteng Premier Nomvula Mokonyane could not provide a single reliable figure for the number of title deeds issued in Gauteng since 1994 in response to my question in the Gauteng Provincial Legislature this morning.

Wading through the jumble of figures provided by the Premier it would appear that only 10% of the roughly 800 000 houses built were issued with title deeds since 1994.

In a recent Parliamentary reply to the DA it was indicated that Gauteng’s title deed backlog was at 220 000 three years ago.

It is clear that the title deeds backlog is far greater than even the national minister or Premier can fathom.

The importance of title deeds cannot be over-estimated. The need for title deeds is not just about having a piece of paper, but ownership of title promotes both economic and social stability in society.

The Premier should not confuse the issuing of title deeds with handing out food parcels which can be used to buy votes before elections.

The issuing of title deeds in Gauteng will be a high priority for a DA led provincial government driven from the Premier’s Office to ensure that the benefits of property ownership are spread as widely as possible.