Gauteng Roads and Transport R172 million underspend problematic

Dr Neil Campbell MPL

Spokesperson on Roads and Transport

It is problematic that the Gauteng Department of Roads and Transport underspent on all its programmes in the 2012/13 financial year according to the latest Annual Report.

A total of R172.757million was not spent despite on-going provincial road network deterioration, operating licensing centres’ failure to function and driver licence and roadworthy centres continuing as hotbeds of corruption.

The underspend is especially unforgivable in a Department which claims to be underfunded. Only 38% of Gauteng’s roads are in a ‘good’ or ‘very good’ condition with 62% being in a ‘very poor’, ‘poor’ or ‘fair’ condition.

Only the ‘independent’ Gautrain project spent its full budget.

Conversely, and probably even more alarming, is that only  2 out of 7 road maintenance goals were reached and on the transport regulation programme  only 7 of 16 targets set by the Department itself were met. The Department underachieved on almost all overall targets except road construction.

There is a lack of control, expertise and capacity within the Department which must concern all citizens, especially when we are forced to pay for the upgrades and maintenance of some roads in the province through e-tolling.