Gauteng’s crisis of abandoned babies: Emergency measures needed to protect our children

Hendrika Kruger MPL

Spokesperson on Social Development

The tragic, heart wrenching front page lead in The Star today about two siblings found in a water-filled bucket near Krugersdorp highlights the growing need for emergency measures to protect our children.

Baby Lucky managed to survive only because he was held above the waterline by his twin brother. However, unfortunately many children in recent weeks in Gauteng have not been as lucky.

The report comes on the back of equally tragic and heart wrenching stories that have ripped through the hearts of the people of Gauteng recently.

The DA calls on Gauteng Social Development MEC Nandi Mayathula-Khoza to outline emergency measures to address the growing scourge of violence against children and abandoned babies in the province.

It is imperative that the MEC set up a task team with the Departments and MECs for Community Safety and Education to formulate a coherent strategy to protect the children of Gauteng.

It is very sad that the gift of life is so disregarded that babies are thrown away in such large numbers.

Drug and alcohol abuse are identified factors causing abandonment, as well as new mothers who cannot cope with the responsibilities of a new born baby.

Mothers need to know that there are alternatives to abandoning their babies, including “hole in the wall” centres where a baby can be left safely.