Heath department loses out on R10 million

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Provincial Leader

The health department has had to forfeit R10 million due to its failure to utilize the funding for a head count of all employees on its payroll.

During a legislature committee meeting it came to light that Provincial Treasury, which had previously allocated the money to the department, has since withdrawn it due to them not having made use of this money for its intended purpose.

Of all provincial government departments in the province, health is by far the worst performer. They also have the worst track record when it comes to irregular expenditure and internal fraud and corruption cases.

It is therefore surprising that the department chose not to spend the R10 miilion on a head count, as this would have afforded the department to identify ghost employees who are drawing regular monthly salaries from the state coffers, and allow them the opportunity to clean up their system.

The DA can only surmise that the department has something to hide. If next week’s legislature question time materializes, I will ask MEC Mxolisa Sokatsha exactly what it is that this department is trying to keep under wraps? Does the MEC know of some ghost employees, or of people with fake qualifications or perhaps of the misappropriation of the students bursary scheme…and so the list can go on.