KZN Education MEC appointment shows ANC’s moral bankruptcy

Tom Stokes, MPP

DA KZN Spokesperson on Education

The appointment of Peggy Nkonyeni as KwaZulu-Natal’s next Education MEC is one driven by political rather than education imperatives.

The move speaks volumes about the principles and pragmatics that drive the ANC.

That the new Premier can appoint an individual who mal-administered the province’s Health portfolio during her tenure as MEC – running up billions in overspends – and who has been linked to the multi-million rand “Amigo’s” fraud and racketeering scandal, indicates the lack of moral integrity that has branded the ANC in more recent times.

That the Premier has so few alternates to draw on is a clear sign of the lack of expertise and competence within ANC ranks, a direct consequence of years of cadre promotions over talent.

In the absence of a suitable candidate within his current caucus, the DA would have hoped that the Premier would have looked to national ranks for a stronger alternative than Nkonyeni.  Perhaps he did so and came away with the same dilemma.

The ANC’s line that it is serious about fixing education is highly questionable with Nkonyeni’s appointment, which once again places internal politics before the welfare of learners.

It is increasingly clear that while the ANC is good at talking about improving education, it lacks the credible leadership, the will or the commitment to tackle issues with any urgency.