Makhado by-election: ANC’s lies won’t win them votes

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance will, on  Wednesday 23 October 2013, be contesting the by-election in Makhado,  Ward 5 Olifantshoek and Tiyani Village.

This by-election comes after the resignation of the independent ward councillor Mr. Patrick Mazibuko, who will now be contesting under the DA banner.

During his tenure as a ward councillor Mr. Mazibuko worked extremely hard to compel the ANC to bring services to the community. On Monday, this community will be getting electricity through Mr. Mazibuko’s relentless efforts.

This electrification will be handed over by the ANC close to the day of the by-election. This will be done  in order to lure the people’s vote and hide the ANC’s  own failures to bring services to this community.

Nothing can be further from the truth.

The community is fully aware that this electricity has finally come to them through Mr. Mazibuko’s efforts, often blocked by the ANC.

He has now chosen the DA as his political home to continue standing for the community.

As an independent councillor Mr. Mazibuko’s efforts to compel the ANC led municipality to bring service were always blocked.

This is evident from the 50 blocks of  incomplete RDP houses which have been left since 2011.

Roads infrastructure is non-existent.

The is no water provision going to this community.

The DA is certain to win this by-election.  The community is fully aware of the  ANC’s failure to bring service delivery in this area.