Makhado by-election: DA wins first rural ward in Limpopo

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance won convincingly at a by-election held yesterday in Makhado, Ward 5 Olifantshoek and Tiyani Village. This is the first ever resounding victory by the DA in the deep rural areas in the province.

This victory marks a decisive increase from 1.46% in 2011 Local Government Elections to 38, 85% in yesterday’s by-elections.

If there ever was not an unequivocal endorsement that more and more people are coming to the DA, yesterday’s by-election was exactly that and more.

People in Ward 5 have set the politics of realignment on an irreversible trajectory in Limpopo. This is a watershed victory for the DA in the province but significantly this augurs well for the coming 2014 General Elections.

In this deep rural area, traditionally the ANC’s stronghold, the communities have demonstrated their dissatisfaction about poor service delivery.

The DA is now a party of choice. The ANC is losing its grip.

People will no longer be cowed by the ANC’s disparaging lies about a DA in government.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the communities of Ward 5 Olifantshoek and Tiyani Village who went in their numbers to vote for the DA.

Especial mention of gratitude  must go to the DA activists who worked tirelessly to make sure that the DA wins this ward.