One in four manager posts vacant in Gauteng

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

26% of senior management posts in the Gauteng Provincial Government are vacant.

This is revealed in the Annual Report of the Premier’s Office which was tabled recently in the Gauteng Legislature.

The SMS vacancy rate was previously 25%. According to the Report “the 1% increase in the SMS vacancy rate is as a result of the approval of the reviewed organograms in the second and third quarter of the previous year which has increased the number of SMS positions.”

This is a poor excuse. It is shocking that one in four senior management positions are unfilled, many for a long time.

This is no way to run an efficient provincial government. Firm direction from the top is needed for service delivery, but this is sadly lacking in Gauteng.

Competent people must be recruited as soon as possible to fill the vast management gap in the Gauteng government.