Only two working lifts at Helen Joseph Hospital: Bodies and food share a lift

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Health Spokesman

Only two out of 11 lifts are working at the Helen Joseph Hospital in west Johannesburg, causing great inconvenience to patients and staff.

I saw this today when I visited the hospital after receiving complaints about broken lifts.

A doctor told me that at one stage the kitchen, theatres and laundry shared a single lift, so food and dead bodies would be in the same lift.

This past Sunday all the lifts were out of order.

The Gauteng Department of Infrastructure is responsible for lift maintenance, but has a very poor record in all the hospitals in Gauteng.

Urgent action is needed to address this problem as lifts are essential in moving theatre patients from surgery to wards, and dead bodies will otherwise be stuck in the mortuary.

It is also cruel to force sick patients to use the stairs.