Premier Sylvia Lucas a no-show for annual report

Harold McGluwa, ID MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Chairperson Spokesperson on Office of the Premier

The absence of Northern Cape Premier, Sylvia Lucas, from her departments presentation of the 2012/13 annual report to the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature is inexcusable.

It is Premier Lucas’ first year as Premier, and she was a no-show.

Only the Director-General, Justice Bhekebheke, and an army of officials pitched up.

The Auditor-General gave the Office of the Premier an unqualified audit outcome, and the DA welcomes this, as it mirrors the previous financial year.

However there are some concerns;

?            The Supply-Chain section year-after-year continues to flout

certain Treasury Regulations, and again cases of items under R500 000 being procured without obtaining quotations occurred.

?            Their human resources department appointed people without having

verified the claims made in their applications, nor did they do necessary criminal record checks.

?            The Premier is facing four lawsuits, which have already cost

them over R160 000, and could cost the department R855 000 if they lose them.

The Premier’s Office cannot continue making such basic governance errors. The people of the Northern Cape deserve better.