R70 million to ‘rescue’ Gauteng Health Department

Mike Moriarty MPL

Spokesperson on Finance

A total of R70 million will ultimately be spent on rescuing the Gauteng Health Department by repairing the financial management of that department.

Two years ago President Zuma’s cabinet decided that the situation in that department was so dire that it needed to be put under administration. This is because every year the Health department used to overrun their budget because of invoices that had been hidden by staff from the previous year. These amounted to billions of rands. This had a serious impact on health services.

So the financial managers were made to stand aside while another team came in to do the job. In response to my question, Gauteng Finance MEC Mandla Nkomfe indicated that R70 million had been committed to this exercise.

However, it remains to be seen whether this money has been well spent. From what can be determined, suppliers still complain that they don’t get paid on time and the Auditor-General’s office has very little good things to say about the Department’s performance. Moreover, once the administrators move on what’s to say that the situation won’t revert to the previous state of mismanagement? You can’t entrust responsibility to those who created the mess in the first place.

The DA-led Gauteng Provincial Government will ensure proper financial management of the Health Department and, in so doing, will deliver proper quality health services for all.