Senior Mpumalanga municipal officials do not comply with minimum skills requirements

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

Not one Mpumalanga municipality has both a Municipal Manager (MM) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) who complies with minimum competency guidelines as set down by National Treasury, despite threats by finance minister Pravin Gordhan that all non-compliant personnel would have been removed more than 10 months ago.

In a written response to DA questions, cooperative governance MEC SPD Skhosana stated that only Mbombela’s MM complied with Treasury’s minimum competency requirements for municipal managers, while only the CFOs of Chief Albert Luthuli and Lekwa complied as set down for those.

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The regulations were promulgated in 2007 in accordance with stipulations in the Municipal Finance Management Act, had to be implemented by 1 January 2012, and Treasury warned in April last year that non-compliant personnel would be removed should the deadline not be met.

All Mpumalanga municipalities, excluding Mbombela have applied for special extensions to get their compliance in order, but only 10 have been approved, while six applications are still in progress and the remaining four are yet to be considered.

With such a small number of competent individuals at the helm of our municipalities, it comes as no surprise that poor service delivery, corruption and a lack of accountability is a common occurrence in most municipalities.

Should the remaining 10 extensions not be granted, MEC Skhosana has no choice but to comply with legislation by removing incompetent personnel and replacing them with suitably skilled and qualified individuals.

Managing a municipality effectively requires highly skilled and focused individuals, and the lack of commitment to Treasury’s regulations by the ANC undermines capable governance. The DA will continue to monitor those municipalities that have been granted extensions and ensure that they meet the set requirements.