Sylvia Lucas must pay back the fast-food money

Harold McGluwa, ID MPL

DA Northern Cape: Provincial Chairperson Spokesperson on Office of the Premier

The DA has today taken to the streets of Kimberley to protest the wasteful expenditure by Premier Sylvia Lucas. Lucas must immediately pay back the R53 159 she spent on fast food with her official credit card.

The Premier must do the right thing. The people of the Northern Cape should not have to foot her R5 315 weekly fast-food bill.

Her attitude is a slap in the face for the people of the Northern Cape. 40% of the province’s people live in poverty. Her response to this scandal, “how would we have eaten if we didn’t use taxpayers’ money?” is an insult to the province. She could easily have paid for her own food with her Premier’s salary.

The Premier must do the right thing and pay back this money. It can be put to good use to help the people of the Northern Cape with actual service delivery.

State funds must benefit people, and not government politicians. The DA has already called on the Public Protector to investigate, and we will be taking this matter up in Northern Cape Provincial Legislature’s Rules Committee. Premier Lucas should do the honourable thing:  She must apologise to the province and repay the money.