Thaba Chweu’s governance crisis continues

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

The political and administrative woes of the Thaba Chweu Municipality continue with mayor Michael Ncongwane’s request for assistance from cooperative governance MEC SPD Skhosana to address the municipality’s current governance crisis.

To do so, Mayor Ncongwane called a special council meeting yesterday and requested councillors to adopt a report requesting this assistance, removing the current acting municipal manager (MM), paving the way for the appointment of a new unknown acting MM, giving this person full delegation of powers to run the municipality.

The DA is extremely concerned that neither the name of the new acting MM, nor his qualifications and expertise, nor the nature of the full delegation of powers was disclosed to the council.

While this call for assistance comes after years of sustained DA pressure, the nature of this process is highly questionable and suspicious. It is rumoured that the new acting municipal manager is Mr Tumelo Ratau.

The DA firmly believes that any intervention must be motivated by improving service delivery and rescuing the Thaba Chweu municipality, and can under no circumstances serve the interests of factions within the ANC.

To this end MEC Skhosana must divulge the name of the person appointed as acting municipal manager, and provide a full curriculum vitae listing his/her skills and qualifications as well as the full and comprehensive list of the powers council delegated to the position.

We will closely monitor this intervention to ensure that the interests of residents and the municipality take precedence over narrow political interests.