The irony of John Block’s anti-corruption initiatives

Andrew Louw, MPL

DA Provincial Leader

It is ironic that MEC of Provincial Treasury and Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, John Block, is today launching an anti-corruption initiative by way of the biometric access control system.

Block himself has a history of dubious dealings and is currently facing charges that relate directly to defrauding the state of millions of rands and in turn  lining his own pockets at the expense of service delivery.

Given the very senior and influential leadership position that he currently fills, it makes the charges against him that much more serious.  He is meant to be a custodian of the people’s money, not the thief thereof.

We thus find it odd that he is attempting to gain political mileage by trying to create the impression that he is a frontrunner in anti-corruption initiatives.

It is the DA’s view that as long as we remain uncertain with regards to Block’s involvement in corruption, he simply cannot be trusted. As such, any initiatives launched by him should be thoroughly scrutinized.

The DA will take the opportunity during next week’s annual report presentations at the legislature to probe the provincial treasury regarding the purchase of this system. After all, an anti-corruption system is only as good as the people managing it.