Today DA presents Limpopo Community Safety Bill to Premier Mathabatha

Desiree van der Walt MPL

DA Limpopo Legislature Caucus Leader

Today, I have presented the Limpopo Community Safety Bill, a private member’s bill by DA, to Premier Stanley Mathabatha.

The aim of this bill is to enable the provincial government to combat the rising crime levels more effectively.

It was rejected by Mathale’s administration. We now call on Premier Mathabatha to put the interests of those affected by crime ahead of narrow party interest and support this bill.  His predecessor failed to do so.

The recent crime statistics, particularly the increase of sexual offences underscore why this bill is important for the province.

By passing this Bill, our province will have the following strategic crime prevention advantages:

  • Limpopo’s own dedicated and independent Provincial Police Ombudsman to investigate complaints about police inefficiency. The present system of Independent Police Investigative Directorate only caters for situations where police are involved in crime.
  • The shifting of power to determine the policing needs of each local area from the National Commissioner to local communities.
  • The MEC will have powers to accredit neighbourhood watches and provide support, training and resources where necessary. At the moment these structures are collapsing because there is no cohesion in dealing with them.
  • Mandatory reports to be provided to the MEC by the Provincial Police Commissioner including cases reported, investigated and convictions achieved; firearms lost; deaths caused by police activity or any other matter relating to the efficiency of the police’s relationship with communities.

The DA is currently continuing to consult with other stakeholders and the public in general to garner support for the implementation of this bill.