Youth Wage Subsidy Now! Trial run shows youth get job opportunities

John Moodey MPL

Provincial Leader

The DA in Gauteng reiterates our call for the immediate implementation of the Youth Wage Subsidy in Gauteng as a study found that such initiatives do put young people in job opportunities.

A trial run andĀ evaluation of the impact of a wage subsidy voucher indicates that employment incentives increase the likelihood of young job-seekers being employed. The study also observed that they also increase the time young people remain employed.

The evaluation also found no evidence of older or existing workers being replaced.

It is clear that such incentives are a cost effective and workable way to stimulate employment.

With similar initiatives more than 400 000 job opportunities have been created in the Western Cape.

The Youth Wage Subsidy is an integral part of the DA’s plan to stimulate economic growth and job creation in Gauteng.

Unemployment, and particularly youth unemployment, is a crisis in Gauteng that requires real leadership and tried and tested policies to address.

The DA offers the 1.7 million unemployed persons in Gauteng exactly that: real solutions to ensure jobs are created to allow every person to get a job and get a head in life.