Ace Magashule should withdraw his comments, apologise to religious people

Patricia Kopane MP

DA Leader in the Free State

The Premier of the Free State, Ace Magashule, should withdraw the offensive and inappropriate comments he made yesterday.

The Premier reportedly made the following comments:

* “To be angry with the ANC is like being angry with God.”

* “We [the ANC] are the children of Israel.”

The Premier made the comments as part of a speech about the 16 Days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children.

These comments are an insult to religious people. It is not appropriate for the premier to equate the ANC with God.

Our constitution clearly makes provision for the separation of church and state. Premier Magashule’s comments deliberately conflated the two concepts in an attempt to win support.

His comments however have the exact opposite effect, since they are deeply offensive to all religious people.

He should immediately and unreservedly apologise and withdraw his comments.