AG: Limpopo worst province

Jacques Smalle

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

The consolidated 2012-13 Auditor-General’s report released yesterday shows Limpopo as the worst performing province.  In contrast, the DA-governed Western Cape performed best for financial management.

This Report by the A-G is an unequivocal indictment on the ANC’s poor governance in this province.

Whilst departments at national and other provinces showed a small improvement, only Limpopo’s departments regressed.

The unauthorised expenditure increased from R175 million in 2011/12 to R324 million in 2012-13. National Treasury’s administration of five Limpopo departments clearly has not improved the situation.

A concern for the DA is that the worst performers are those departments which are at the coalface of service delivery: Health, Education and Public Works.

Irregular expenditure is at R 2 billion.  Overall fruitless and wasteful expenditure has gone up by 192% from the preceding year to R356 million.

The people of Limpopo suffer as a result. We are waiting for government to implement the change we need. But if government continually wastes money, the changes will never come.

The people of Limpopo cannot continue to be hapless victims of this mismanagement. They have a choice and that choice is at the ballot box.

They can choose to continue with the ANC’s poor track record of corruption and waste; or they can choose the only other party with a proven track record of clean and effective government. That party is the DA.