ANC must condemn the Mayibuye African Forum in the KZN Legislature

George Mari MPP

DA KZN Spokesperson on Arts and Culture

The ANC in KwaZulu-Natal must distance itself from the racist and offensive statements by the Mayibuye African Forum (MAF).  I have tabled a motion in the Provincial Parliament to demand just that from the ANC representatives in the KZN Legislature.

The MAF has made several racist attacks on the Indian community in the recent past. The MAF has stated that the Indian community were the only group to benefit from apartheid and that Mahatma Gandhi was racist. These are unacceptable statements. The Indian community also suffered under apartheid.

We need to create an environment where all South Africans are respected – irrespective of their race.

The ANC should condemn the MAF and must dismiss all MAF members from its ranks.

The DA continues to work towards bringing all South Africans together around a vision of a united and prosperous future. Every community, black, coloured, white, Indian – everyone – we all need to work together to overcome the legacy of the past and build a better, more equal, future.

The ANC can’t sit on the fence as some of its members continue to spew racism.