ANC power abuse starts ahead of registration weekend

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

The ANC has started to abuse its power ahead of the first voter registration weekend with a blatant abuse of public funds in the Chief Albert Luthuli local municipality.

This morning an SMS was circulated to all councillors which reads as follows: “You are kindly requested and reminded to loud hail today for the 9-10 November voter registration. All councillors will be reimbursed for using their vehicles to ferry people to and from voting stations (NB: Please keep records, number of people transported, opening and closing kilometres on speedometer per day) as this will be required when submitting S&T claims. Ward councillors are requested to ensure all Ward Committee members do targeted house visits to encourage identified people to register. Please note that catering will be provided per ward once a day. Speaker’s office”.

The DA strongly objects to this abuse of public funds, and calls on both the speaker and council for the immediate withdrawal of this arrangement. Public funds may not be used for party political work and as far as the DA is concerned, constitutes unauthorised and irregular expenditure.

The DA will closely monitor the situation and that should the arrangement not be withdrawn and claims be paid, a formal request for investigation will be lodged with both the Auditor-General and Public Protector.