Congratulations to Community Safety for winning Batho Pele Excellence award

Mark Wiley MPP

DA Spokesperson for Community Safety

As DA spokesperson for the Community Safety in the Western Cape legislature, I would like to congratulate Minister Dan Plato and his Department of Community Safety for winning the National Batho Pele Excellence Award for 2013.

The National Batho Pele Excellence Award is awarded in recognition of professional and excellence in public service.  This is reward is given as an acknowledgement and in encouragement of government departments to perform better in public service. The theme for this year’s award was: “Leading the Public Service to Higher Productivity”.

This is exactly what the Western Cape Department of Community Safety achieved. The Department met all the highest criteria of an institution implementing the Batho Pele (People First) ethos; Good principles of governance and leadership, a tangible service delivery improvement to citizens and with customer satisfaction.

This is once again proof that the Western Cape Government delivers above and beyond the national standard. Congratulations to the Head of Department, Dr Gilbert Lawrence, and Minister Dan Plato for this remarkable achievement.