DA appoints candidate for Ditsobotla by-election

Joe McGluwa MP

DA NW 2014 Campaign Manager

The Democratic Alliance’s candidate for the Ditsobotla Ward 6 by-election on the 27th of November will be Mr Agust Schnepel. The seat became vacant after the passing of DA councillor Andre Behm. We will contest the ward in full force on the 27th of November and aim to retain the ward with an increased majority.

Brief profile of Mr Schnepel:

Mr Schnepel was born in Lichtenburg and has lived in Burgersdorp since 1965. He matriculated in 1983. He started his own business in 1993. He has always been a loyal supporter of the Democratic Alliance.

As a garden designer Mr Schnepel empowers many men and women by equipping them with basic gardening skills and jobs. By serving as a councillor for the DA, Mr Schnepel will strive to create a transparent local government that serves the interests of all the people in Lichtenburg.

We are proud to have him on as a candidate and look forward to working with him if elected to make life better for the people of Lichtenburg. We are confident that he will perform well in his duties if elected as councillor.