DA shows strong growth in Eastern Cape by-elections

Athol Trollip MPL

Eastern Cape Provincial Leader

Yesterday the Democratic Alliance swept to victory in Ward 5 in the Kouga Municipality where it retained the seat notwithstanding the fact that the ANC put forward the Kouga mayor, Booi Koerat, as the candidate.   We showed stunning growth in Ward 9 of the same municipality where we grew from 33% of the vote to 44% of the vote in the face of desperate intimidation by the ANC.  In Ward 2 in Mnquma the result was particularly exciting, where we grew from 8,7 % of the vote to 21 %.

This growth shows that the DA is on track to do well in the 2014 elections in the Eastern Cape.  The growth that took place in other by-elections around the country also illustrates that the DA is on track when it comes to national growth.  For the results, click here.

In Ward 5 in Kouga the DA candidate, Desmond Peterson, won with 58 % of the vote and in Ward 9 the DA candidate, Otto Williams, obtained 44 % of the vote.

In Mnquma the DA’s Mazizandile Tyeku polled 21 % of the vote which is an increase from 8, 77% in 2011.

The intimidation that took place yesterday in Ward 9 in Kouga where roads were frequently blocked by ANC supporters to prevent voters coming to the polls highlights the panic reaction of the ANC to the prospect of losing power in this municipality.

The DA stood firm against this onslaught and voters voiced their increased support for change.