DA welcomes charges laid against Mazibuye African Forum leadership

George Mari, MPP

DA KZN Spokesperson on Arts and Culture

The Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu-Natal welcomes the news that charges have been laid against the leadership of the Mazibuye African Forum (MAF) following claims that members of the organisation went on the rampage last weekend targeting Indian business.

According to media reports, a large mob held a businessman hostage and spewed racial hate speech during their protest at a Durban-based industrial park.

The DA condemns these actions in the strongest possible terms.

For months now the MAF has done nothing but sow racial discord in this province.  It has called for Indian people to be excluded from Affirmative Action and BEE Policies and has labeled the great Indian leader, Mahatma Gandhi, a racist.  Clearly the MAF is ignorant of the role the Indian community played in the struggle for freedom in our country – a freedom that its members enjoy today.

The DA has made several attempts to stop what the MAF is doing in KZN.

A request in writing from the DA’s Provincial Chairman, Haniff Hoosen, MP, to meet with the Forum’s leaders has been ignored.

At a sitting of the provincial legislature three weeks ago the DA delivered a motion aimed at getting the ANC to break its silence and condemn the MAF’s actions, calling on the provincial Speaker to allow for a debate on this subject as a matter of urgent public importance.

At the time we also demanded that the ANC ban MAF leaders from its ranks with immediate effect.  This after Forum leaders claimed to be members of the party.

To date our appeals have fallen on deaf ears.

The KZN ANC leadership must take a stand.  I have again written to the Speaker this week, requesting that the debate be placed on the agenda for the next sitting in early December.

The MAF is a forum which thrives on creating chaos through its racist agenda.  It is an organisation made up of thugs with an agenda aimed at attacking and intimidating the Indian community, in particular its business sector.


The MAF’s insults and remarks only serve to divide our communities on the basis of skin colour and must be condemned by all.

There can be no place for such an organisation within our democracy. The MAF needs to be reminded that the Indian community has not sat back and waited for handouts. Rather, it has made tremendous sacrifices and uplifted itself through sheer hard work.

The Speaker must address the DA’s calls for an urgent debate.