DOH in hot water over Addington Nurses’ Home

Mark Steele, MPP

DA KZN Alternate Spokesperson on Health

For at least four years, nurses living at Addington Nurses’ Home have had to make do without running hot water.

This after the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health (DOH) reneged on its earlier promises to fix a broken heat exchanger.

In October 2012, the DA submitted a parliamentary question to the MEC.  In his reply, the MEC promised that the issue would be dealt with and undertook to include hot water supply in the tender for the upgrade of the College, awarded in September 2012.

This week, the DA received confirmation via a hospital source that nothing has happened.

According to the same source, the problem was reported to both the DOH on numerous occasions and also to Health MEC, Sibongiseni Dhlomo, during several hospital visits.

The same reply confirms that there has been no hot water supplied to the Home since 2010.  When asked why, the department said it was ‘due to the change in hospital management’.

Addington has had plenty of negative press in the past few years.  The success of the DOH’s subsequent intervention plan depends on the complete commitment and support of all levels of staff.

It is difficult to see how nursing staff can be expected to maintain morale and provide a service to the sick and needy, when the DOH cannot be bothered to provide them with any hot water.

The DA expects answers from the MEC.  We want to know when this service will be restored and why it has taken so long to be done.