Gauteng Government e-toll bill could cost public as much as R37.8 million a year

Mike Moriarty MPL

Spokesperson on Finance

E-toll fees for provincial government vehicles could drain as much as R37.8 million a year from the public purse, diverting money from other key service delivery programmes and making the people of Gauteng pay for e-tolls whether they use the roads or not.

If all 7 000 provincial government vehicles incur the maximum monthly e-toll fee for regular motor vehicles, e-tolling could add as much as R3.150 million to the monthly operating expenditure of the provincial government, or a total of R37.8 million a year. While we acknowledge that it is unlikely that all 7 000 vehicles would use the e-tolled highways as frequently, even just half of them would lead to an annual e-tolling expenditure of R18.9 million.

And the people of Gauteng will pay the e-toll fees for the provincial government vehicles, including the e-toll fees for the Premier and the MECs.

Not only does the project take away money otherwise needed for service delivery programmes such as education and healthcare, it also kills jobs in Gauteng and puts an extra financial burden on people at a time when they can least afford it

It is increasingly clear that every person in Gauteng is paying for the controversial e-tolls in more ways than one.

This is why the DA opposes e-tolling and this is why we are continuing the fight against this unjust and unaffordable system.