Lack of government’s public engagement costs Gauteng dearly

Lebogang More MPL

Gauteng Public Participation Spokesperson

In a recent reply to a DA parliamentary question, Gauteng emerged as the province with the most service delivery protests. The response notes that in the last financial year there were 20 service delivery protests. These protests led to the arrest of 463 people, using police manpower that could have been dedicated to fighting crime if the public participation process was respected by local government and such protests avoided.

Tardy responses by government departments frequently result in looting, arrests, and financial losses for businesses in an area. Government departments and municipalities are the greatest obstacles to meaningful public participation as they continue to undermine the Petitions process put in place to deal with community complaints. These departments are often given more than two weeks to respond and sometimes fail to meet these deadlines without any explanation.

Government’s failure to engage adequately and timeously is costing Gauteng dearly.