Magashule abuses Xariep Fish Hatchery launch for electioneering

Roy Jankielsohn MPL

DA MPL in the Free State Provincial Legislature

The Xariep Fish Hatchery, recently opened, amid great fanfare yet the project is not yet functional. The event was merely abused by Premier Ace Magashule as an electioneering platform.

It is despicable for Premier Ace Magashule to say that people must vote ANC so that  Zuma and Joemat-Pettersen can remain in their positions to enable projects such as the Xariep Fish Hatchery to continue. Magashule is reported to have made these comments at the official opening of the project in front of an audience that included a delegation from China.

Attempts to use such a project for party political expedience are unethical. This is unfortunately the type of behaviour that the Free State has come to expect from the Premier.

The project has the potential to generate new agricultural activities in the district, and as such, it is crucial that the investment in this project is not wasted.

The Xariep district in the Free State is one of the poorest in the province, and as such the need for sustainable projects that can create employment for our people is crucial. It is important that this project becomes functional and that it benefits the people of that region.

Magshule’s term as Premier has been shrouded in controversy while unemployment and poverty continue to increase under his leadership. It is common knowledge that both Zuma and Joemat-Petersen are in office for selfish reasons. Zuma is currently abusing the powers of the office of the President to escape his day in court over the more than 700 criminal charges against him, while Joemat-Pettersen has recently also faced allegations involving corruption.

After 20 years in office,  ANC members of the executive continue to abuse state resources for party political purposes. They have been unable to grasp the basic democratic principle of the separation between political party and the State. The continuous abuse of state resources for electioneering purposes by the ANC is one of the reasons investment remains a stumbling block for economic growth and job creation in our country.