MEC must intervene in principal crisis at Moniwa Primary

James Masango MPL

Provincial Chief Whip of the Official Opposition

The DA is concerned about an impasse at the Moniwa Primary School in Kwaggafontein and calls on education MEC Reginah Mhaule to urgently intervene in the situation, which is threatening the interruption of teaching at the school.

A spat between the School Governing Body (SGB) and circuit manager Amos Mthimunye over the appointment of a new principal, has resulted in parents threatening to keep learners away from school today. This they say will serve as a form of protest against the candidate whom Mr Mthimunye demands to be appointed.

The SGB is accusing Mthimunye of forcing them to employ the female candidate who was shortlisted in the last round of interviews, claiming he only wants women principals in his circuit. The SGB is refusing to adhere to this demand as the woman did not score the highest mark in the interview, and opted to give the position to a male applicant. This, the SGB says, led Mthimunye to threaten staff and SGB members with their positions.

Although earlier this year the SGB wrote to the HOD of the department requesting assistance, it seems the situation remains unresolved. Last week the matter took a turn for the worse when district manager, JJ Mabane accompanied Mthimuye’s chosen candidate to assume at the school, under police escort.

The DA finds this situation improper and unacceptable as it not only sets a bad example to learners, but now also threatens to interrupt their schooling.  The MEC must intervene immediately and ensure an agreement between all parties is reached.

Such problems should not be solved at the cost of the learners, and the DA calls on MEC Mhaule to ensure that all the correct processes regarding the appointment of a principal were, and are followed, and ensure that it’s business as usual at Moniwa Primary tomorrow and beyond.