R24 million and 9 months later, road still not repaired

Jacques Smalle

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

Road R525 (Click here) from Masisi in the Vhembe district was destroyed by floods in February this year. After the floods nine months ago, R24 million was allocated for the repair of the roads.

In a visit to these areas recently , the DA has discovered that the R525 main road that links Musina and Kruger National Park in Masisi has still not been repaired. In fact, no work has commenced at all.

At several places on the R525 borderlines and bridges (click) were washed away. This forces people to use lengthy alternative routes.

The National Disaster Management Centre under the department of Human Settlements has allocated R24 Million to Vhembe District Municipality to repair all the damaged roads. That clearly has not happened.

The question is what has happened to the money allocated to the repair of the roads?

Nine months after the floods, why is the municipality failing to appoint the contractor to repair the roads?

This problem will hamper investment in the area, and affect tourism related to the Kruger Park. Ultimately, it will cost us jobs and economic growth.

We will be submitting questions to the Cooperative Governance MEC, Mr Ishmael Kgetjepe, to determine where the money has gone and why the roads have not been repaired.

We must ensure that our province’s infrastructure remains well-maintained as this is an important requirement for economic growth and job creation.