R3.5BN Gauteng budget adjustment highlights poor planning

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Caucus Leader

The R3.5 billion added to Gauteng’s budget announced today by Finance MEC Mandla Nkomfe highlights the poor planning and inefficiencies that necessitated this large adjustment.

Health gets an extra R619 million, of which R450 million is for debts accruing from the previous financial year and R100 million is to pay for health professionals to run the new Jabulani and Natalspruit hospitals.

Education gets an extra R1.3 billion, of which R450 million is for new schools and facilities, R400 million to fund staff payments and R315 million to facilitate e-learning.

Roads and Transport gets R623 million to enable Gautrain to pay the concessionaire as a result of the ridership guarantee.

Many of the above payments should have been anticipated and planned for. It is of concern that the Gauteng Health Department has still not paid all debts from previous years, and that the subsidy to the Gautrain concessionaire is so high despite the increase in ridership.

Nkomfe’s past promises to improve spending have failed, as there is still much wastage and inefficiency in the Gauteng provincial budget.

Credible interventions are lacking to create the vast number of jobs that are needed in Gauteng