Registration weekend is fundamental in protecting democratic rights

Athol Trollip MPL

Provincial Leader

Registration weekend is a fundamentally important event that ensures every eligible citizens’ constitutional right to vote.

As with any human right, the right to vote also comes with certain responsibilities. The constitution provides for every South African citizen who is eighteen years of age or older to vote.

In order to give effect to this right, qualifying citizens are expected to register themselves with the IEC with the purpose of having their name recorded on the national voters’ roll.
This is a minimum requirement and is followed by citizens then going to the polls on Election Day to cast their vote. The casting of ones vote is a critical activity that is the only real defence or preservation of our democracy. It is also an opportunity for voters to vote for their futures, their hopes and aspirations.

The registration weekend is also a very important “dress rehearsal” for the forthcoming elections for the IEC and all participating political parties. Every voting station will be opened and staffed by IEC officials and party voting agents and activists.

The DA will be out in full force on Saturday and Sunday to assist registered voters who have moved home to re-register and to assist new voters to register for the first time. We urge all eligible citizens to fulfil their responsibility and register to vote in order to protect our democracy.