Springfontein water crisis completely avoidable

Peter Frewen MPL

DA MPL in the Free State Provincial Legislature

I visited Springfontein to see for myself to see why it took so long to repair pumps.

It is a tragic story.

Only one pump was working – the reserve pump having broken some time ago so when the remaining pump broke that is when the problem started.

What needed to be replaced was a 15 kw electric motor which is fitted with a direct coupled centrifugal pump – total cost – about R25,000.00. Installation is actually very easy – remove the broken pump – send it away to be repaired and fit the new pump. All in all the whole process of purchasing a pump and fitting it should take no longer than 28 hours.

The excuses by Kopanong that they first had to get three quotes because the SCM procedure says so is nonsense – in times of emergency a deviation can be applied – in other words to get a pump and fit it.

What Kopanong is saying is that this was not an emergency and this is not acceptable.

With the very severe drought still on I urge the MEC to plan for water shortages in towns that rely on boreholes.