The fight against women and child abuse: 16 days of activism

Veliswa Mvenya MPL

Social Development, Local Government and Traditional Affairs in the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature

Imagine a South Africa with no violence and abuse against children and women? Imagine if for 16 days, there was no rape against women and children?

16 Days of Activism aims at raising awareness against the challenges that women and children face in South Africa on a day-to-day basis.

According to the South African Police Services (SAPS) annual crime statistics report, crimes against women fell by 11.1% while crimes against children fell by 12.4% in the last two years. The stats also record a decrease of 0.4% in the reports of sexual offences and rape reports and a 6.2% decrease in sexual assaults. Although this is seen as a positive, many South Africans feel it is not enough because these crimes are still on a high level regardless of the decrease. South Africans feel that not much is being done to combat these crimes.

What good is a society that has a rotten reputation of having over 80% of the sexual acts committed against children and women by family friends and members? This is the main reason women and children are too scared to report any abuse towards them.

The DA’s vision is that of an Open Society. A society in which every person’s rights and freedoms are enriched in and protected by the constitution. This is why the DA is, together with the rest of the South Africans, helping to raise awareness against women and child abuse.

The DA aims to encourage silent victims to challenge abuse and ensure that they get helped. We aim to also challenge the offenders of violence to change their behaviour.  We aim to provide survivors with information on organisations they can contact to help them lessen the power of violence and abuse in their lives.

Celeste Barker, Provincial DAWN Chairperson, an organisation that addresses issues that affect women in South Africa, will, with DAWN activists, be part of Andy Kawa’s (a rape survivor herself) march from Vuyisile Mini Square to the High Court on Monday, 25 November, at 09:00. The purpose of this march is to hand over a memorandum on the fight against women and child abuse.

The DA hopes to involve men in helping eliminate violence.

United we can!

Together we will!