Tribunal ruling to fix Gautrain water problem a victory for Gauteng taxpayers

Dr Neil Campbell MPL

Spokesperson on Roads and Transport

The DA is delighted with the findings of the arbitration tribunal regarding the water ingress into the Gautrain tunnel between Park Station and the Wilds.

The requirement that the concessionnaire, Bombela, must reduce the water inflow to approved levels is a great victory for the Gautrain Management Agency (GMA) and the Gauteng taxpayer.

The design life of the tunnel is 100 years but the amount of seepage is what one could expect in a tunnel after 80 years and not after such a short time.

Had the GMA not stuck to its guns the taxpayer would have had to pick up the costs of pumping the mineral rich water after Bombela’s 20 year stint as the concessionaire.

The high content of minerals would rapidly have corroded the pumps and the taxpayer would have had to pay for numerous sets of pumps. With decreased water in the tunnel the pumping will be less and pumps will last longer.

The DA hopes that this outcome will result in more contractors working for the provincial government making certain that the work they deliver is up to specification.