Validity of economic annual report questionable

Andrew Louw

DA Provincial Leader

The Democratic Alliance is questioning the validity of information presented by the economic development department at a legislature committee meeting today.

On three separate slides presented by the department, they made mention of the Apollo theater as an “enterprise” that they had developed during the past financial year. On one of the slides, they even referred to a “film festival proposal” for the Apollo theater  However, when questioned about funding for this entity, they indicated that they had in fact not assisted the theatre in any way because of governance issues pertaining to the theatre. They also stated that the theatre was now under the jurisdiction of the sport, arts and culture department.

The Apollo theater is but one of countless entities listed on the department’s enterprise development list and it raises serious questions.

The DA can only wonder how many of the other enterprises on the list are also “irrelevant”.

The economic development department transfers millions of rands to so-called enterprises on a yearly basis. These are enterprises that are intended to boost economic growth and development in the province.

It’s little wonder then that the province’s growth rate is the lowest in the  country and that our unemployment rate remains significantly high.