Moloto Rail Corridor implementation: DA to lead Legislature debate

Anthony Benadie MPL

Provincial Leader – Mpumalanga

The DA yesterday successfully tabled a notice of motion to the Mpumalanga Provincial Legislature calling for a debate of extreme public importance on the implementation of the Moloto Rail Corridor. The debate will take place on Friday 6 December.

Following the horrific bus accident along the R573 Moloto Road, which caused the tragic death of 30 commuters, the DA reiterated its call for the speedy implementation of the Moloto Rail Corridor.

The DA believes that the Rail Corridor would not only provide an alternative mode of transport for thousands of commuters to Gauteng, but also serve as an industrial development artery for Gauteng-based industry – creating much opportunity for economic growth and job creation.

However, this vital infrastructure development project was approved by Cabinet in 2008, only to be shelved due to a lack of funds. Since then, the ANC-led government at all levels has just kept talking about the implementation of the corridor, with very little action to show for it.

The corridor has subsequently been relegated to the Presidential Infrastructure Coordinating Commission for further study – delaying its implementation even further.

Of further concern is that every time a horrific accident occurs along this infamous “Road of Death” government is quick to blame driver behaviour and or the state of vehicles on our roads, but takes no decisive action to address the symptoms, not to mention the cause.

By debating the implementation of the Moloto Rail Corridor, the DA hopes to

  • Get a firm commitment from the provincial administration to increase visibility of law enforcement along this road,
  • To realise the critical importance of finding a suitable transport solution for commuters to and from Gauteng,
  • To recognise the socio-economic benefits the rail corridor would have on local residents, and
  • To call on government on all spheres to make the implementation of the Moloto Rail Corridor Mpumalanga’s number one transport and road safety priority.

The DA believes that through applying sustained pressure on government, the Moloto Rail Corridor will be implemented, bringing hope and prosperity to the people of the Thembisile Hani and Dr JS Moroka local municipalities.