ANC must pay for their illegal advertising

Jacques Smalle MP

DA Limpopo Provincial Leader

ANC is abusing its powers by using the state resources and municipal assets to advertise their campaigns.

The DA has seen several posters (Click here) and adverts in various municipalities that have not been paid by the ruling party to erect those posters.

According to the municipal by-laws, all posters must have stickers approved by the municipality indicating that they have been paid for and the  expiry dates for the  periods they will be erected.

But in this case , all posters around Vhembe region and wall advert at Mahwelereng Stadium (Click) do not have municipal stickers and that makes them illegal.

The ANC must be held accountable and take the responsibility by paying for all their posters and adverts on the municipal assets including stadiums. Failure to pay for these posters , the ANC must remove them and erase those that are on the walls of the municipal properties.

This week, the DA will seek an urgent meeting with the Cooperate Governance MEC, Mr Ishmael Kgetjepe to urge him to  intervene on this illegal advertising by using  municipal assets.