Appeal to candidates who qualify to write supplementary exams

Minister of Education Donald Grant

Western Cape

Congratulations again to all those candidates that passed the 2013 NSC.

To those who did not pass, there are other opportunities to re-apply to write the 2014 NSC or to apply for a supplementary exam if you qualify. This opportunity must not be ignored.

Supplementary examinations:

Candidates qualify to write supplementary exams in the following circumstances:

  • A candidate that failed a maximum of up to two subjects. Candidates do not qualify if they failed more than two subjects.
  • In exceptional cases, candidates who are medically unfit and as a result were absent from one or more external examinations, may register for the supplementary examination. They must provide a medical certificate and supporting documents.
  • A candidate who provides documentary evidence showing that he/she qualifies for admission to a Higher Education Institution or for an occupation but does not satisfy the Higher Education Faculty requirements or the requirements for the specific occupation may register for a maximum of two subjects.
  • Where there are specific requirements for supplementary in specific subjects, such as Life Orientation, these requirements can be found on the website –

I appeal to all candidates that qualify to write supplementary exams to apply as soon as possible to write these exams.

Applications for supplementary exams close on the 24th of January 2014. This date is not flexible. The Supplementary Examinations will be written in February and March.

Applications for the supplementary exams can be downloaded from the WCED website (

Candidates can also register at the Client Service Centre of the Western Cape Education Department on the second floor of the Grand Central Building, Lower Parliament Street, Cape Town.

Candidates can also contact the Exams Helpline at (021) 467 2300 on weekdays from 08h00 to 18h00 on examination-related issues until 31 January 2014.

Re-marking of scripts

Candidates can also apply to have their scripts re-marked for subjects they have failed or where they did not obtain the results they needed for specific purposes – for example – to obtain a bursary or satisfy university requirements.

The closing date for application for re-marking is Tuesday, 24 January. This date is also not flexible.

Candidates must include a motivation on a separate sheet of paper with their application for re-marks in cases where they did not obtain the results for specific purposes. The WCED will not consider applications without this motivation.

The fee for re-marking of scripts is R79 per subject script.

Re-checking of scripts

Candidates may apply for their scripts to be checked to ensure that all answers have been marked, and that the marks had been added and processed correctly.  The fee for the re-checking of scripts is R16 per subject.

Viewing of scripts

If candidates are not satisfied with the outcome of a re-mark or re-check, they may apply to view their scripts. They must apply in writing to the Head of Education within 7 days after the release of the re-marked results giving clear reasons why they wish to view the scripts.

Candidates and their parents or guardians may lodge a complaint within a period of seven days after viewing the scripts concerned. The department will then take a final decision on the results concerned.

The fee for viewing of scripts is R157 per subject and will not be refunded.

Refunding fees

The WCED will refund re-marking and re-checking fees in the following cases:

  • The candidate passes a subject or subjects which he or she initially failed; or
  • Is awarded marks that improve the result in a subject by at least one level of achievement.

The department will refund the fees in these cases once it has completed the re-marking or re-checking process for all the subjects concerned. Candidates must therefore keep their receipts for these fees in a safe place.

Application forms

Candidates must use separate, prescribed forms to apply for re-marking and re-checking of scripts.

They must also submit a completed BAS form to facilitate a refund of fees where necessary, to the specified bank account.

Candidates may submit applications by hand at the WCED Head Office, Client Services Division, 2nd Floor, Grand Central Building, Lower Parliament Street, Cape Town, or via the post to:

The Head of Education
Attention: Directorate: Examinations Administration
Western Cape Education Department
Private Bag X9114
Cape Town

The department will notify applicants by letter about the results of the re-marking or re-checking of scripts. Where applicable, an amended Advice of Results will be issued.

Candidates can access all the forms required from the website


Candidates may also request the forms via the following telephone numbers and email addresses:

Tel. 021 467 2952 or e-mail:
Tel. 021 467 2994 or e-mail:
Tel. 021 467 2010 or e-mail:

We also encourage candidates who failed to enroll in Grade 12 in 2014.

Candidates that need counseling and support can contact our toll free support number on 0800 45 46 47.