“Polystyrene” RDP houses still incomplete after seven years

Janet Semple MPL

Spokesperson on Housing

In Finetown south of Johannesburg, twenty nine residents, and possibly many more, have been left with incomplete RDP houses. Construction of the houses began in 2007 but has not been completed, leaving residents to take refuge in shacks which were set up as their temporary dwellings behind their intended RDP homes.

The houses were built with polystyrene and covered with cement as alternative construction material.

The current structures also leave no room for extensions and no ownership documentation like title deeds were received. The residents were told to complete forms but received no copies of their own. One resident said “every time I go to the housing department I’m told that the matter is being attended to, every time they give me empty promises”.

Residents also complain that the sewerage pipe ending in the neighbouring area of Ennerdale does not reach them. The sewerage problem compounded by waste at a nearby dumping site has resulted in an infestation of rats , leaving a foul smell and creating a serious health risk. The nearby vlei is also badly polluted. Rain also frequently floods the shacks that they live in, adding to residents hardships. Several large old dead gumtrees tower over the area ready to fall.

The DA in Gauteng will question Gauteng Housing MEC Ntombi Mekgwe on why the project was built so poorly if a housing subsidy was in place. The MEC must also explain why why the project is still incomplete seven years later.

A DA government in Gauteng will ensure that money allocated to housing development is properly spent and that housing projects are completed benefits those who need it most.

The people of Gauteng deserve nothing less.