Rob Wylde’s proud track record of community service

Bobby Stevenson MPL

PE SouthWest Constituency Leader

The Democratic Alliance is proud to introduce its candidate for the Ward 1 by-election, Rob Wylde.

Rob Wylde has an outstanding record of community involvement. He has been the Chairman of the Summerstrand Residents Association since 2006, which serves as the civic body for parts of Wards 1 & 2.

He is also the former chairperson of the governing body of Pearson High School, which is located within the ward.

Rob is also a member of the Summerstrand Ministers Fraternal.

His background as a former bank manager and currently as a business consultant will assist DA efforts to ensure that the metro improves its ability to attract investment and create jobs.

His plan for Ward 1 includes:

  • Ensuring that service delivery issues such as illegal dumping and traffic problems are addressed;
  • Working with the Beachfront Safety Security Forum, as well as the community safety forum to improve safety and security for everyone in the ward; and
  • Fighting for economic development in the Nelson Mandela Metro to improve job creation.

Ward 1 comprises of areas such as Summerstrand, Schoenmakerskop, Chelsea, Colleen Glen, Theescombe, Lovemore Heights, Mount Pleasant and Miramar.

Rob Wylde has a tried and tested track record of community involvement and community service.

As the DA Ward 1 Chair he has been fully involved in all areas of the ward.

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The DA is confident that it will win the ward with a comfortable majority. Our message to the voters of Ward 1 is to keep your ward DA and elect Rob Wylde.

The by-election is scheduled to take place on the 2nd of April 2014.

Rob Wylde can be contacted on 072 252 3219.