DA urges Gauteng Education MEC to urgently place all learners in schools

Khume Ramulifho MPL

Spokesperson on Education

The DA is appalled at reports there are still learners who are not attending schools in Gauteng as we approach the end of February.

There are parents who are opting to give up their children’s education as they can’t find schools.

I have referred some names of children to the Department, but they haven’t been placed as yet.

The ANC government is failing to accommodate these learners. It is unacceptable there are still children sitting at home this late in the year and not attending an institution of learning.

Parents are contacting the DA for help as the schools and districts are failing to provide positive feedback.

Failure to place children of school-going age to is equivalent to destroying their future prospects to succeed in life.

It is the responsibility of government to ensure that all children have access to schools, textbooks for each subject, qualified teachers and sufficient classrooms.

We are urging the MEC to help all children who have no schools to approach the department and provide support. We can’t afford to have children not to be at school.

The DA has reason to believe that this crisis is potentially pervasive in the province given the significant inward migration from across the country. We will release our findings in this regard in due course.