Free State Public Service Commissioner another ANC cadre deployment

Roy Jankielsohn MPL

DA MPL in the Free State Provincial Legislature

The appointment of Dr Henk Boshoff as the Free State Public Service Commissioner is proof of how the ANC’s cadre deployment policy infiltrates all organs of state, including the Public Service Commission.

The DA objected to the appointment of Dr Henk Boshoff as Public Service Commissioner during a sitting of the Free State Legislature on 28 January 2014. The reason for our objection is that Boshoff is a vocal ANC member who represents the ANC in structures such as the IEC’s Provincial Party Liaison Committee (PPLC).

In terms of section 196 of the Constitution: “The Commission is independent and must be impartial, and must exercise its powers and perform its functions without fear, favour or prejudice in the interest of the maintenance of effective and efficient public administration and a high standard of professional ethics in the public service.”

During the sitting both the ANC and COPE supported his appointment indicating that he would resign all positions in the governing party. His attendance of an IEC PPLC meeting on 14 February 2014, after the legislature’s resolution to support his appointment more than two weeks earlier, is proof that he remains blatantly politically aligned to the ANC. During this meeting he signed the attendance register and wrote “ANC” in the column for which the institution represented is indicated. See attached.

It is our view that Boshoff’s blatant political alignment after the legislature’s approval for appointment to this important constitutional institution could compromise the political independence of this institution. The prerequisite by the legislature that he: “may not hold office in any political party/organisation” has clearly been violated by his parallel position as an official ANC representative on the PPLC. In our view this breach of the prerequisites for being a candidate for this position after the legislature recommended his appointment disqualifies him from holding office as a Public Service Commissioner in the Free State.

It is clear that the legislature has been misled by him and that he has no intention of relinquishing his political affiliations in order to meet the requirements of this important politically independent constitutionally mandated office.

I have written to the Speaker of the Free State Legislature, Hon Ouma Tsopo, requesting her to reconvene the committee that appointed Henk Boshoff. This committee must investigate the misguided breach of faith that the legislature placed in him.