Laundry workers strike causes hospital linen shortage

Jack Bloom MPL

DA Gauteng Health Spokesman

Labour unrest at the Masakhane state laundry in Pretoria has caused severe linen shortages in hospitals in Gauteng.

Workers at Masakhane went on strike today after weeks of go-slow action over grievances with the laundry management.

The workers allege that managers are selling jobs at the laundry, but nothing has been done about this.

This laundry has been plagued by labour and equipment problems for years.

Meanwhile, patients suffer because of the linen shortage.

Last week, for instance, a relative was asked to bring linen for her daughter at the Kalafong hospital in Pretoria.

The Gauteng Health Department must intervene urgently to ensure that allegations are probed at the Masakhane laundry, and productivity restore to ensure a reliable supply of clean linen to hospitals.